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Build easily custom modules to manage all your incoming work request, save time, money, and stay far from the mental load of a full email inbox.

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Finance, Human Resources and Operations departments typically receive numerous requests from all departments. Receiving information from different channels and without a clear process is a huge waste of time, information and money.

Emails / Messages to receive internal request :

❌ Loss of information: It takes 3–5 times to get the same results as you have tons of information.
❌ Not scalable: Difficult to onboard new people, processes are manual and complicated to evolve.
❌ High workload: Operation runs slowly, it’s difficult to follow-up.
❌ Not centralized: Need to gather information from different channels.
❌ Task assignment : No ownership management.
With a centralized request management tool :

✅ Centralize your operation and delegate when you want.
✅ Reduce your costs with more synergies and efficiency.
✅ Reduce your workload / mental load of your teams.
✅ Facilitate your growth: be scalable with a clearer process that is easy to change.
✅ Improve your quality process.

With Reqwest, create clear processes by building modules. Centralize, prioritize all your workflows to boost your efficiency :

Create modules

1. Create modules for your incoming requests

Create modules and templates for all your recurring work requests. No one will have to do the same thing twice!

send requests in seconds

2. Your colleagues can send requests in seconds

One click to start the process. All types of requests in progress. You don’t have to find the right person to ask or the right information to send.

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3. Follow and process efficiently

Switching between messages, emails, process and a to-do app was a hassle. Everything in one place with Reqwest.

Create a module for everything

Standardize your process from first draft to last click. Easily manage your company’s workflow with a dashboard of actionable tasks and projects.

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Centralize, automatize and prioritize

Centralize everything in one place so all your teams can access the process to request something, and track everything on calendars, kanbans or daily task lists.

Allow your team to scale

Helps you work smarter, so you can increase your productivity and accomplish more tasks in less time, leaving you more free time to work on things that bring value.

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+ 100 teams already used Reqwest during the beta and loves it.

Why Finance teams use Reqwest
Why HR loves Reqwest
How Operation scale with Reqwest

Uses cases in Finance used by our customers :

– Refund management
– Budget validation
– Business expenses
– Contract reviewing
– Litigation / Dispute
– Financial analysis request
… and so more !

Uses cases in HR used by our customers :

– Office management request
– Training
– New office furniture
– Question on payslips
– Validate an expense
… and so more !

Uses cases in Operations used by our customers :

– Report a dysfunction in a sales/revenue tool.
– Ask for an analysis on a situation
… and so more !

Less workload, more challenges

No more wasting precious hours searching for emails, looking for attachments, and trying to remember who you emailed last week. Help your team grow faster and stronger than ever.

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